My Sex with a Mature Aunty

This sexual incident happened when I went to my hometown in india recently. She was my dream for long time.She is married and about 46 yrs old. She has no kids and her husband looks much older than her. Whenever I see her going out she looks stunning ,most of the time her clothes are so tight and they reveal her sexy boobs and ass curves which turns me on. Sometimes her blouses are transparent and her tight bras just tickle my dick.
It was a rainy day and I was alone at home, since I was lonely I rented a Indian porn movie and was watching in my room. And my dick was full erect and I was naked on my bed. Since it was raining I didn’t lock the front door nor my room door. And I was so into the porn movie and stroking my dick. Suddenly I heard my mums name called. I quickly jumped from the bed and I couldn’t find my pants and I grabbed my towel and wrapped around my waist and at that moment my room door opened and surprising it was my admired aunty standing wet in her saree. I was stunned and speechless, And I noticed my dick was erect and was open in the air because the towel I grabbed was small. She was speechless too and the porn still running in my big TV. I covered my dick with my hand and smiled at her and she asked where my mom was , I informed she had gone out and will be late for her to be back.
For my luck her husband had locked the house and gone somewhere and she has no place to go so she had hopped in my house. She was wet and her saree pasted to her sexy figure. Her big hip and navel was open . I asked if she wanted a towel to dry herself she said yes and I quickly went to turn off the porn movie and she stopped me and said she would like to watch the movie with me. I was shocked and its my fantasy to be with her. I quickly went and locked the front door and came back to my room and she was seated on my bed and watching the porn. I sat at the other end of bed. Still my dick erect.
Suddenly she told me that her sexy life was not good . Her husband was not interested in her. I knew this was my chance and I went next to her and removed my towel. I was nervous and scared. She smiled and said it’s a secret between me and her. I was happy . And she took my dick in her mouth and started to suck gently and then harder, I couldn’t hold for long and I cummed a hot shot of sperms in her mouth and she drank it. Then she started to kiss me from bottom to my chest and sucked my nipples wow it was great. Then she pulled her saree off and removed her blouse then petticoat and bra then her panty , its my dream come true. She was so sexy with huge boobs and hairy in her armpit and pussy. I hugged her and kissed her lips and then neck and played with her boobs and she was making sexy noises. Then I licked her navel and her big hip. I pushed her on the bed and she spread her legs to reveal her hairy pussy. I wasted no time in digging it with my tongue and she was squeezing my head and pushing deep into her pussy . the smell was so erotic and kept sucking all her juice that was pouring and it was so wet and my face was with her cum . after few minutes she pulled my head away from the pussy and dragged me to her face and licked my face and kissed me hard and passionately. I was fondling her boobs. She wanted me to lick her ass. It was hairy too , I licked all over that hard ass it was so sexy. She asked me to fuck her deep and hard. I went between her legs and inserted my dick it was a bit tight and as I pushed harder it became smooth and since it was wet it was so smooth and I fucked her like a mad dog . she was having such a horny look in her face. She shivered a couple of times. And she whispered don’t cum inside I want to suck it. After about a few minutes I was ready to send off my load so I pulled out my dick and took it to her face and she sucked all my sperms and drank.
We both lay cuddling each other no words spoken. She kissed me again and told me she was so happy today. She had a wash in my bathroom and I was watching her scrub her body and her pussy . She invited me to join her I was smooching and cuddling her . then she dressed up and told me it should be a secret and we shall enjoy again if we get chance again.

Hope to get another chance soon. (Indian Sex 4u, 2009)

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