What i did to my mom Part 1

I have touched my mom’s pussy 2-3 times while she is sleeping. We both sleep together. My dad is no more. Passed away long back. Touching her boobs over her blouse, squeezing it gently is common. Usually i try to pull her saree above her thighs and feel the heat of her thighs. Awesome feel Most of the times she doesnt wear panty after she comes home from work. I can see her panty lying in the bathroom. Wanted to insert finger in her pussy but got scared thinking she would wakeup. Just touched the pussy lips and tried to part them. But have opened her 2-3 blouse hooks many times and have touched her nipples some times.

When i was in my high school, in summer she used to sleep only with a petticoat and bra. Still remember when i first inserted my hands inside her saree and tried to feel her thighs also the way i first tried to unhook her blouse hooks and insert my shaking hands inside them and felt the nipples..

Also when i was in my school days i have seen her changing dress in front of me.
Most of the times she used come naked from bath room and get dressed in room. As it was a single bed room home, many times i used to be in room and she used to get dressed in front of me. I can still remember very well, she always had a cleanly shaven pussy!!!! But now only while sleeping i touch her and shag myself.

My mom took me to one of the aayurvedic hospitals in bangalore as i was suffering from Jaundice. After coming out from hospital we met one of the friends of my father. He was close to our family, so i did not think much at that time. I was around 12 at that time. They booked a room in hotel, ordered food. I was just roaming in and out of balcony.
I came in from blacony and was shocked to see my mom lying on the bed, with her saree pallu pulled sidewards and uncle’s hand was on her waist. Then somehow i made them to get up. They tired to push me to sleep, but i did not sleep.
Probably they came to know that i will not sleep. They told lets move in a short while, and my mom went to bathroom. I was surprised to see that she did not close the door and she lifted her saree and petticoat above her thighs pulled her panty down and sat to pee. Immediately uncle went in and closed the door. I could not hear anything as water from tap was let to flow very fast. I tried to peep into the bathroom from the window which was towards the balcony. but could not see anything.. After a while they both came out..

Today she had worn a black bra and a maroon colored panty.
After coming from office, she had removed both of hem.
Which means she is not wearing Bra and Panty!!!!
Also the light blue blouse which she is wearing today is very thin!!!!
Hope i will be having some fun which i can share with you guys next time!!!!

It used to happen when i was around 16.
I started mastrubating when i was in 10th.(May be bit late..
At that time we were in our old house. In which there was a apassage adjacent to the toilet room.
Most of the times my mom used to piss in that passage.
The toilet room’s door was not completely touching the floor, so there was a gap(around 1 inch) between the door and the floor.
If we peep through the toilet, we could easily see the passage.
As soon as mom used to come home from office(i would run to the toilet!!!!), she would come to the passage, lift her saree, pull down her panty completely and remove it and put it in the tub of washing clothes
and then sit down to pee….
usually as soon as she used to take some water in the jug and put it on her pussy and then pee and then again clean it with some water and leave the place.
While she didi all these things, i used to bend down completely, almost lying on the floor, peep through the opening.
It was a great sight to see her milky white fleshy thighs, butts and her cleanly shaved pussy!!!! (eXbii, 2009)


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