first night sex experience of newly wed tamil girl 1/3

I am writing in a pseudo name as I don’t want to reveal my real name. I am from Chennai, an average looking girl but attractive, with good features 21 years old, just finished graduation and looking for a job. I have an younger sister, my mother is widowed and she works in a small firm who are a distributor of some MNC company.

Needless to say, the cost of living in a city like Chennai is high, we never had any support from any of the relatives and somehow we have managed. Later, during my college days I understood that my mother was patronised by the owner of the firm she is working and got extra money in return to manage us.

Though it was shameful to me I could not do anything as even for survival we just had enough money. Suddenly one day my mom told me that I will be getting married within a week. I was shocked and tried to find out the reason. Apparently the owner, Kumaran who is “managing” my mother had been noticing me for quite sometime and was attracted to me.

He wanted to “own” me also and conveyed the same to my mom. She told nothing doing, she wants to marry of me soon etc etc. Then after lot of “negotiations” it was agreed that Kumaran (my moms employer) will arrange for a simple and cheap marriage for me. Then it is up to him, me and my future husband on anything with respect to relationship between him and me.

So finally, because of a lust of a 50 year old guy who got bored with my mother my marriage was arranged. Obviously the grooms family is known to Kumaran. The grooms name is Pandi and he is the son of first wife of his father. The second wife of his father is a distant relative to Kumaran and that’s how the marriage is arranged.

My husband-to-be Pandi has two younger brothers and one sister, all through his step-mom. His sister is married and all of them live in the same house. Pandi is working in Gulf – he send some money to his father and he is almost a forgotten member in the family – nobody wants to patron him, but nobody wants to discard him also as he is giving some money.

Pandi is supposed to return to Gulf within a week and so when Kumaran came up with this marriage proposal everybody agreed. The marriage was done hurriedly with only the two families invited, my husband Pandi spent just one night with me and the next day he is off to Gulf. Dutifully in that night he ensured that he had sex with me.

So one fine day I was left in a house with strangers, husband gone to Gulf, two brothers-in-laws – one about 22 year old, a gym instructor, Ramesh and another in his eleventh standard, Seenu, father-in-law working in a construction firm, sister-in-law and her husband both working and my mother-in-law.

Like any typical families of this sort, I thought I will be like a salary-less servant serving them for rest of my life. I didn’t know how wrong I am at that time. Just second day at a new home I was clueless, everybody went through their works mechanically and by 9.30 the house was empty with me and my mother-in-law only.

She was smiling and we were just chatting and watching TV. She was polite, treated me well, asked me to take bath and have my breakfast. I did so and then I was reading newspaper aimlessly. Around 10.30 the door bell rang, my MIL opened and to my surprise I found Kumaran coming inside.

I remembered the deal between my mom and Kumaran and I could imagine the purpose of the visit Kumaran here. My MIL gave a patronizing smile and lead Kumaran to one of the bedrooms inside – which my FIL and MIL used. She called me inside and she left the room. Myself and Kumaran were alone in the room and the silence was deafening.

He was grinning sheepishly and was looking at me with full of lust. Here is a guy who had relationship with my mother is going to do the same with me and I am helpless. I was wearing casual saree and was standing looking at the floor. Kumaran was wearing the typical white shirt and dhoti. He removed his shirt and came near to me.

Hmmmm he said “you look prettier than your mother”. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, I am known for that, ask your mom” and laughed. He asked how was the experience with Pandi, my husband ? He said he would have preferred me as a virgin, but anyhow no complaints. He came near to me and hugged me tightly. It sent shivers throughout my body.

Within no time he was all over my body. He was caressing my back, pressing my butt and kissing my neck. I also started responding to him by hugging him. I was surprised myself that I’ve started co-operating with him. He removed my saree and started pressing my boobs. I was breathing heavily and just capitulated to him.

He started removing my blouse buttons one by one and removed my blouse. I was in bra and petticoat. He pushed me into the bed and came near me. His hand was moving in the area of my navel, arousing my feelings. He was fiddling with my petticoat, removed the knot and pulled out the same. No I am with the bare minimum of clothes and he was enjoying it.

He removed the remaining two pieces in my body and made me fully naked. Also he removed all his clothes and now standing fully naked. It was a bit ugly site – a 50 year old, with bulging tummy and with erect dick. He was on top of me, spread my legs and started thrusting inside me with full force.

It was all pain for me but cant do anything, he started pushing inside me with full force and after about few minutes he has come. He just laid there fully on my top with his mouth near my neck. Now I started getting fully aroused and wanted more, I just caressed his back and started kissing him. Since he was just exhausted he couldn’t do more but was just enjoying my moves.

I kissed him passionately and moved downwards. I sucked his both nipples and came down. He started fingering my cunt and this also excited me. He was squeezing my breasts and took one by one in hs mouth. He sucked it hard, fast and furious. I took his dick in my hand and then in my mouth and gave a full blow job which made him more excited.

He started telling, your mother never used to do this but you are good etc. I started behaving like bitch – licked his dick, sucked his balls and was giving him a great mouth job. I was sucking him in different positions, in different angles, all along he was playing with my cunt. Finally he came and I sucked everything, till the last dip and lay there slightly exhausted.

He got up with a sense of satisfaction and dressed himself up and went out. I also dressed up and came outside. He said bye to my MIL and myself and went away. My MIL was smiling and said to me enjoy yourself, after all your husband will not be here for another year or so. The other males in our house also is not overboard, all of them are perverts.

Its up to you to manage them, she said. I didnt understand this statement at this time and couldn’t make much out of it. I took bath and changed to a nightie and was just taking some rest thinking about the session I had with Kumaran. Still some heat was their in my body and I was kind of in an excited state.

At that time the doorbell rang and its my brother-in-law Ramesh who came. As told earlier, he was a gym instructor and was back after his morning shift. Needless to say, he was well built and attractive. My MIL asked me to take care of him and she wants to sleep a bit. I went to his room.

The room was in a mess with lot of men magazines stewn around, clothes here and there, typical boys room. I was in the nightie with nothing inside, being just taken bath and was in a kind of arousal my shapes are well visible. Its short of see-through dress but I am sure my nipple erection must have been visible.

Also I started cleaning the room by bending downwards which made my cleavage and other assets more visible. He was sitting and watching TV with just his lungi, I was cleaning the room.

Sure he was enjoying me and I was also enjoying this silent game. The sight of his well built, topless pose is a turn-on for me. Finally I broke the ice and asked what he wants. He teased me by replying can you give what I ask. I replied if possible by all means. He laughed. (Humandigest,2009)

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