first night sex experience of newly wed tamil girl 2/3

Ramesh, by brother-in-law, the gym instructor was ogling me lustfully and was speaking with the typical double entendres. When I asked what he wanted he told that he wanted milk. When I asked what he will give back if I give milk, he said I can have plantain or ice-cream whichever way I see.

This kind of teasing and laughing was going on and I was in a semi-drugged state and desperately needed a fuck. He seem to understand this and didn’t make any move and deliberately teased me. He said he wanted to take bath first and then lunch. If I want I can help him in his bath. I said ok and I will help him in his bath.

He asked me to apply oil first in his body and then for the bath. So I took a good amount of gingely oil from kitchen and started applying in his body. He was in in his lungi, he got up, dropped his lungi and sat in a stool with just his briefs on. The briefs showed his shapely manhood in full size. I was shamelessly watching it and asked him to be comfortable.

Ramesh was sitting in a stool with just his briefs. I was wearing a nighty with nothing inside. I stood in front of Ramesh and started applying oil in his hair. My boobs was dangling in front of his face and my legs are in-between his spread-out legs touching his thighs. He started enjoying this and without any qualms he pressed my butts with both his hands and started squeezing it.

At the same time he was smooching my breasts with his face and started nibbling my nipples. This continued for some time with both of us enjoying the movements. I started moving the oil massage to his neck and further below his bare back by bending over his face. This made my breasts fully press his face and he didn’t mind it.

At the same time his hands which was pressing my butts over my nighty moved to my heels and moved inside. He was feeling all over my legs, thighs and then pressed my butts again. Only difference is his hands are now inside the nighty and he started fingering the cracks. I could not stand the sensation when his finger entered my asshole crack and stopped applying oil.

He asked what happened, I just moaned. He asked me to stand erect and me, who was leaning against his face, lifted myself and stood before him. Simply he removed the top buttons of my nighty and lifted the same from my toes over my head. In a matter of seconds I was standing naked in front of him. He started kneading my breasts and I was moaning.

And I was just name sake massaging his head and neck. As I told earlier, he was sitting in a stool with his leags apart and I was standing (now naked) within his legs. He now spread my legs and started moving one of hands over my cunt. He pressed my cunt with his whole hand and squeezed it.

Then without any warning he shoved two fingers inside my cunt and started fingering vigorously. I could not withstand the pleasure and pain together and was squirming. I started bending a little and kissed his mouth passionately and wildly. Its all wild and with animal passion. I was hissing and moaning and moving my hand frantically over his back,

he was expertly fingering my cunt with one hand and squeezing my breasts with the other hand. This wild fingering went for sometime and I had to remove his hand as I could no longer stand it. He made me kneel down in front of me. As an obedient slave I just kneeled in front of him. Mr breasts were heavy with the nipples protruding and I was dipping wet in the cunt.

Not sure whether I came or not but it was watery. I was in front of a six pack body with all its glory. Without any cue I started sucking his nipples one by one and was moving below. His hands are caressing my back and coming down till my asshole crack. I made his legs spread further apart and had a look at his thing inside his brief.

It was fully aroused and was a great sight. I just kissed it and started kneading the same with one hand. Then I put the other hand inside the brief and felt his manhood. All along I have been kneeling in front of him fully naked. I asked him to remove his trunks. He asked me to remove it. He just lifted his buttocks and I helped him to remove it.

He was sitting in the stool with his erect tool and I was kneeling in front of it like a hungry dog. Without wasting any time I took the whole thing inside my mouth and started licking it. I was sucking it like a lollipop with one hand holding it and my mouth sucking it. After few minutes I went below and started licking and eating his balls.

Then I again I took his shaft in my mouth and started sucking it. Like an expert bitch I used my tongue effectively in the pink part and sucked it thoroughly. He was also getting aroused and held my head tightly, then after sometime he started mouth fucking and moved his shaft fast within my mouth.

Again after some time I took my mouth out and started licking his balls, his sides, below the balls and upto his asshole. He put his hands in my hair, lifted my head violently and made me put his shaft inside my mouth. I was lapping it up like an ice-cream. Then he started shaking and I could sense he was about to come. I sucked vigorously and he exploded the cum in my mouth.

For the second time in the day I was eating the cum and I lapped it up. He was bit tired but was holding himself upright. I also took rest for few minutes and then started the oil massaging again. He also took some oil and started applying over my body. Now both us were naked and had oil all over. I hugged him tightly and he also reciprocated.

We were like intertwined snakes together. I was eating his mouth like a cake and exploring his mouth deeply. His shaft was aroused fully. Since both of were oily it became slippery when we lied down. He took a mat and spread it in the floor and made me lie there. Then from the top he entered my cunt lifting my back and started pushing his shaft inside me.

Then he lied down and made me sit on his erect prick. I was sitting on top of prick, his prick fully inside and was moving back and forth and was enjoying the sensations. My breasts were dangling and he stared kneading the same. He also made me bend and started sucking my nipples. Then I lifted myself and started sucking his shaft in the 69 position.

I was on his top with my mouth on his shaft and my cunt near his face. He made my cunt adjust to a position near his face and started licking it. Both of were sucking/licking each other private parts wildly. After sometime he again made me lie on my back and started putting his shaft inside me and pushed hard. This time after several thrusts he came fully inside my cunt.

Exhausted, he just lied me on my top. Then after sometime he lifted me in and took me to the attached bathroom. There was no bathtub but enough space for two persons to take bath. Since both of us were tired we just applied shampoos and soaps quickly and washed ourselves. I again wore the same nighty and moved to hall.

The time is around four and Ramesh has to go to the gym for the second shift. He dressed himself up, had a late lunch and then moved on. Before moving he didn’t forget giving a hard press on my boobs and a pinch on my cunt. (Humandigest,2009)

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