first night sex experience of newly wed tamil girl 3/3

After getting fucked by my mothers lover and my brother-in-law I was just lying in the sofa thinking about the two sessions I had and also with little bit of sexual heat in my body. I thought I am in the sexual mood even now and my cunt and mouth was itching. Was just wondering what a bitch and nymphomaniac I have been within few days.

May be all these because of the pent-up sexual feelings or because of the countless movies, TV serials, song sequences and the books I am exposed. As most of you guessed by now, I was fucked by the rest of the men in the house – my FIL, my another BIL Seenu and my SIL’s husband. All these with the tacit approval of the two ladies in the house.

They doesnt seem to be bothered by this. So I have become the modern “Throwpathi” – being fucked by 5 males almost daily. Fucking by the two BIL’s is almost a daily ritual while the sessions by other males are intermittent. Even for the two females in the house I did the nude oil massage several times.

So instead of the slave-servant I feared I have become the free sexual slave of my household. The surprising thing is I almost enjoy doing this and I do this without any qualm or regret. Every blowjob I do, every prick I suck is did with great passion and energy that the guy who receives it thorougly enjoys.

While I do and enjoy all this, my poor husband Pandi is somewhere in Gulf without knowing any of the thing hapennings here. Telephone calls with him is also less and whenever I speak to him its jjust formal and nothing much. Somehow I didnt feel guilty also. I thought I was destined for this and let me enjoy it.

My typical day starts with a session with my first BIL Ramesh, he leaves early to the gym, so before going he has a session with me, depending on the mood either its a blow-job or insertion or both. Second one is the second BIL Seenu, the luckiest bastard – he is still 17 but gets to enjoy a daily dose of sex.

Since he has go to school he gets ready early – after my arrival, its almost I am the one who baths him daily and while doing so I also complete my bath. Normally around 7’o clock seenu goes to bath in the attached bathroom in his room. I will be in the nightie or in a tops skirt and I go inside. I will make him nude and have him sit in a stool.

Will pour water over his head and then start aplying soap. Invariably I will start applying soap from his dick and balls. I will apply soap and shake it thoroughly and also massage his balls. His hands will not lie idle. He will press my boobs, rub my cunt, squeeze my nipples etc. He will make my dress wet by pouring water over me or by hugging me or by switching on the shower.

I will then remove my dress and start bathing him. Both of us will be in nude and enjoy the shower together. Somedays while starting the bath itself I’ll remove my dress and join him nude. Lot of fingering and sucking of breasts will go on while I am doing bath for him. Finally will give him a good blow job to him till he comes and then complete the bath.

He will take a short nap after that session and then start for school fresh. Since he is the younger one I dont normally allow him for insertion. But even he has done it a few times in the night. After the two BIL’s have gone it is the turn of the two married guys in the house. They dont do it regularly but whenever they feel horny they ensure that they get the needed from me.

My father in law is a kind of slam bang type. He will just lift my dress and directly insert his rod hard and fast in my cunt. He will not even bother to remove whatever dress I wear. Just within 5 to 10 mts he will make me messy and he will be off. My sister-in-lawas husband loves the blow job.

So whenever my SIL is not obliging or if she is in periods he will come to me and ensures that he gets a great blow-job. Once the office time is over, then it is the time for Kumaran. He comes mostly once in a week or twice in a week after 10.30 or so, spends about an hour or so with me, gets a good fuck and blow-job and he leaves. So far so good.

So in a day I get to eat maximum of four to five cocks and get fucked by the same number. In any day for any reason if just only one person fucks me means I get disappointed. Then during that day, I will spend the night in my younger BIL’s room and he gets a special treat. Either he gets a good blow job or a good prick-ride from me.

I think this routine after some time got bored with me. I wanted to try more kinkier stuff. While doing a blow-job I wanted someones dick inside my cunt. So I planned for that too. Needless to say, in my household it was easier and people are more than willing to do the same.(HumandigestBlog,2009)

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