Sex at the age of 58

My name is Salil and I am a 58 year old Gujarati executive from Mumbai. I am a fit person health wise, as I exercise, do yoga and eat right and keep myself active as far as my life style is concerned. I am sure all of you might be astonished by my age and may be wondering that I am just trying to fake with my age, but in real life I am 58 years old. I still believe that a human being can have an active sex life at any age.
Generally I am busy with my work and travel a lot around the world. My policy in life is not to live till 100 years without a sex life, but instead I’ll live 50 years by having a highly active sex life. One thing I never understood about my charm that I find women are easily attracted to me.When I was a young I had realized that I had a mole on my on the foreskin of my penis, later in my life I learned that the person will have a fulfilling sex life and will have more than one sex partner, which absolutely came out true in my later life when my sex life was even with women other than my wife. One thing I must say that being a successful man helps you to get women, no matter how old you are. Whenever I have a good interaction with a decent women, then it leads her to my bed and eventually to sex. Current I am enjoying my sex life with my 35 year old married lady, who is wife of one of my business associate’s.
Therefore, I am keeping my girlfriend’s name secret, as you all will understand the reason for discreet name.My girlfriend Nekta (name changed) is a 35 year old Sindhi lady who is happily married for past 10 years and have a 7 year old child. Nekta is a very fashionable lady with shoulder length dark brown highlighted hair, she has a light wheatish skin tone that makes her look very sexy. Now about Nekta’s figure she has a great physique with well toned body shape, probably with a figure 36-33-38 figure. Even after she is married and has a child, I can say that she has maintained her looks and physique in an excellent manner. I have been having sex affair with Nekta from past 3 months and to be clear with all my readers, Nekta and me are just having sex affair and she and I have no intentions to break her family. Basically her hubby is very friendly with me socially and thats how Nekta and me know eachother closely. One time Nekta was waiting for her hubby at my place and we had great conversation with eachother, as Nekta knew me for a long time and she was not shy of me at all. In the conversation with her sexy looks she asked, “Salil I wonder your wife must be lucky,as you are a handsome looking matured man?, I would have had no problem being your wife, if I was single”, Nekta said and smiled. At that time I smiled and said to her, “Nekta, I am married, but still women want me at this mature age, is’nt that weird”. She looked at me and said, “Salil you are rich, charming person with good looks and perfect physique even at the age of 58, so women will get charmed by you”. There was a moment of silence and hesitation in both of us to speak the next step.
Then jokingly I said, “Nekta are you attracted to me and started laughing”, Nekta blushed and said, “Yes Amit, I am, if you like me then you can say it to me., but keep it a secret from my hubby, as I want to have my own fun filled life”. Nekta mentioned that her life with her hubby is happy, but she would like to explore new things and add spice to her life in a fun way. Friends how can I say no to a young sexy lady who wants a handsome old man like me. I smiled at Nekta and gave her a kiss on her cheek, she laughed at me and said, “Salil common you can kiss me on my lips.” I was really overwhelmed, as I never thought that I would ever have an affair with Nekta, though always I had the lucky charm of attracting women. Now I held Nekta in my arm and kissed her on lips for few minutes. Then Nekta told me, that as her hubby was expected to come, so we should be decent. In few minutes her hubby arrived to pick Nekta, we behaved normal in front of him.
The next day I called Nekta on her cell phone and decided to meet up secretly in a Coffee shop. We met in the evening and that where, Nekta mentioned that she always had a fantasy to have fun with a guy double her age and my looks and personality attracted her. I mentioned to Nekta that meeting up in a hotel would be a danger to the secrecy of our affair. Therefore, Nekta agreed to come to my house to have a good time with me, as my wife stays in another city most of the time. Nekta was also had a circle of Kitty party friends, so she had no problem making excuses to leave her house. Nekta and me we met secretly for few days having long conversations and spending romantic moments knowing eachother well in order to get intimate. Few day later I gave her hubby an assignment to fly to Europe for business. Now he flew out on Friday early morning for a week and that was the night when we planned to start our sex life. Nekta decided to come to my house at 7pm after leaving her child at one of her friend’s house, so she could enjoy the whole night.

Now I came home from office by 5pm and freshened up and from 6pm onwards I was excited, as my thick manhood was getting to enter Nekta’s vagina. My penis has become very sensitive with my aging process, as my penis gets ticklish sensation inside a vagina. At 7:15pm, my door bell rang and when I opened and saw Nekta standing in front of me wearing a gorgeous blue salwar-kurta, with blue nail paint on her long nails and with a white platform heel shoe on her feet.
She also had a designer bindi on her forehead, just looking like a sexy young lady Now we both sat on the sofa and spended some romantic moments talking and drank some beer. Now after an hour, I kissed Nekta and asked her, “Nekta darling, bedroom mein chale?”, she smiled in a naughty way and said, “Yes sweety lets go”. Nekta sat on my bed and I closed all the windows and curtains in my bedroom. Fortunately, I live on the 11th floor and the walls are sound proof, so there was no risk of anyone hearing us. Now I sat on the bed and held Nekta’s chin and my lips touched her soothing moist lips and in no second we were kissing eachother on lips and we slowly went into French kissing with our tongues exploring our mouth.Ah it was just like heaven.Now Nekta said, ” Salil darling u are a good kisser” and by saying this we again started French kissing and my hands slowly went to her thighs and now she took my hands off softly and said,”Well friends I am sure you all can very well imagine that how tough it was for my penis to control its erection when I was going to bang Nekta on my bed. Nekta and me we both sat on the bed and we were kissing very passionately. I could feel that she was not only thirsty for sex with a 58 year old guy, but was enjoying my company.Now I removed Nekta’s kurta and her black bra was looking sexy on her boobs.Now Nekta untied her salwar and pulled it down.Oh my! she was looking so hot in her black panty.She had a well shaped physique,.Now we were passionately making love on my bed. Nekta started moaning softly, ‘Ah darling, it feels good’.So,I unhooked her black bra and kissed her boobs and then started licking and sucking her brown pointed nipples and she moaned loudly Ah.I started pressing and kneading Nekta’s sexy round tits and she was enjoying it and was moaning and telling me,’Darling I find you sexy and dirty old man, press and massage my tits,they are really hard,as theres a lot of sex filled in it . I now started kissing all over her soft silky tummy and our bodies had become hot along with heavy breathing.Now I started tickling Nekta’s vagina over her black panty. Now I started circling my index finger on her pussy over her panty. I saw Nekta slowly closed her eyes and was moaning,’Oh, Salil sweety it feels so good, do it, dont stop,’Ouch darling ,choot mein gudgudee ho rahi hai.’ I could smell the female fluid from her pussy,as she was getting wet because of the tingling sensation she was getting in her womanhood due to my tickling. We again started making love, as I was kissing her pinkish lips and she was inserting her tongue in my mouth. I was now coming down to her tummy area and got busy kissing her stomach and this made Nekta really excited and she was moving her legs. Now I took her left smooth silky legs in hands and ran down my lips kissing it. Wow it was smelling Vanilla-Sugar body wash, I was so much turned on by her sweet odor.Slowly I ran down my lips over her panty to kiss and arouse the area in and around her vagina.While I ran down my lips.
I should be saying, Wow! it was an awesome feeling kissing the vaginal area ,as I could smell the sweet female odour from her pussy and her panty was wet near her vaginal opening.Now Nekta pulled me up and planted a kiss on my lips and we were kissing very passionately and in the mean while I again ran down my lips over her silky tummy.Now Nekta was moaning “Uuuummmmm I want more sweety”.Now I slept on my back and Nekta now waved her hairs up sexily and slowly laid her fingers on my underwear and slowly pulled my manhood. As a result my thick manhood popped out and it was hard and also very hot. Nekta said,”Wow! dirty oldman your penis has turned so red”. Well being a fair complexioned man made my penis turn red while I made luv to my married girlfriend on my bed. Now she covered my penis with her sexy lips and was enjoy licking and sucking my manhood like a bar of chocolate.After a a little while she slept on her back and now I removed her panty. Nekta had little bit of trimmed vaginal hairs which always turns me on in a woman.Ohhhh her vagina was so wet and lubricated. Now Nekta spread her legs and in the meantime I was enjoying eating her pussy.I was circling my tongue in and aroung the clit and the pussy lips and loads of salty pussy juice was flowing into my mouth. Now me and Nekta were ready for the real sex action.I spread Nekta’s legs and slided a pillow under her hips and I once again stroked my thick manhood with my fingers and inserted staright into Nekta’s vagina. Aaahhhh it felt so great as I was having sex with a young lady.Now I was moving slowly and kissing her lips passionately.I increased my speed a little bit and Nekta started increasing her moans.I realized that Nekta was very much hot in bed as she was also moving her body along with me to create double pleasure.Now my fat penis was going in and out from Nekta’s vagina so her moans were building up,Oooooohhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,Ohhhhh Salil darling u dirty oldman,.fuck me,Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.I now increased my speed and by now we both were moaning in great pleasure. I was pumping my penis in and out and Nekta was screaming as hell,Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh,Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,Aahaaaaahhhhhhh. Now my penis was getting sensitive inside Nekta’s vagina,so I pulled my penis out inorder to avoid ejaculation. The moment I pulled my penis out from her pussy, Nekta grabbed my fat penis and started giving me a blowjob.This was exciting me,as she was also tasting her luv juices too.

By now I was ready to fuck Nekta in another sexual position. Now I slept on my back and Nekta sat on my penis facing me,as a result my penis was in her vagina and now I held Nekta’s hips tight with my both hands and to my feelings it was a tremendous sensation, as my penis was more sensative to women-on-top position. Nekta started moving back and forth inorder to ride on me. Slowly Nekta started stroking her hips, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh it was a great sensation for my 58 year old penis. I should be honest enough to say that Nekta was so good in shaking her hips while riding over me, like I was holding her hips tight and she was shaking her gaand (hips, Aaaaaahhhhhh,Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now it was time for me to do some erotic action,so I asked Nekta to stop and I now elevated my both legs a little bit and now Nekta leaned on to my face and we were kissing eachothers lips passionately. In this position now I started pumping my fat penis in her pussy and Nekta was moaning loud, ‘Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ooooohhh, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh , Mazzza Aaa raha hai Darling , aur zorrse chodo mujhe jaan’. Nekta was leaning on me and while I was fucking her, with my left hand’s middle finger I was tickling her asshole and then inserted my finger inside her anus. Friends you won’t believe me how much she was enjoying my finger in her anus and Nekta was screaming more loud, ‘Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, Oh yea, AaaaaahhhhhhhhOooohhhh dard ho raha hi darling, aur zorse karo.’ I told Nekta to go slow in this position, as my penis had become sensitive.While continuing Nekta said, “Darling mera paani niklega (that she was about to cum)”. Therefore, I was going slow and in seconds I felt hot liquid hitting my penis and as a result I was screaming loud, “Aaaahhhh, Aaaaahhhh,Aahhhhh, Ohhh I luv ur juice hitting my penis” and Nekta shivered and moaned out of pleasure. After reading my above line you all can very well imagine that I went for a decent amount of time fucking Nekta and inserting my finger in her anus at the same time. Now I felt as a result of Nekta’s gaand (hips) wiggling on my penis, my sperms were tickling inside my penis just like as if worms were inside my penis and my testicles. Now I told her, ‘ Nekta darling sperms are tickling my penis real bad.’ Nekta demanded me to cum in her mouth. As a result she slept on her back and I sat on her tummy and tit fucked her for a moment with my ticklish manhood and now I inserted my red fat penis in Nekta’s mouth while sitting on her chest.Now I was mouth fucking her but it did not last very long, as in no time my penis bursted out my semen in Nekta’s mouth, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh what a relief, I moaned loudly.
It was such a wonderful scene where I see all my thick juice in Nekta’s mouth. Nekta was now spitting a little bit of juice on my penis, as her mouth was full with my sperms. All of you can imagine that I the intensity I shot all my semen. Now we washed up all our sex juices and fell in eachothers arms for a short nap. After we woke up after an hour and a half , we started making another round of hot luv just to arouse eachother. Now as a result Nekta and me we both were ready for another round. This time I entered her from behind in Doggie style and I was again in full motion. Ooooohhhhh it was fun doggie style with Nekta, as she was also stroking me at the same time I was slapping her hips real hard, in order to make it rough sex and Nekta was enjoying it sooo much. Now again we changed positions, as now I entered Nekta’s vagina from the side-rear entry position where she kept her right leg in the air and I was playing and stimulating her clit with my middle finger same time while fucking her. This went on for few mins and I was now ready to cum. Nekta wanted me to cum on her tummy this time, so my wiggling sperms blasted on her tummy.
After this Nekta and me cleaned up and then Nekta smiled and said, “Salil darling you are my dirty old man who was awesome in bed,as you know all the right moves to satisfy a woman. We kissed eachother for few minutes, then she was cuddling with me in my arms.Now for a little while I tit fucked her,then after that I slept on my back by spreading my both legs,as Nekta wanted to suck my manhood along with my balls.Wow.

I should say, she did great,as Nekta was sucking my testicles in her mouth for a long time just like a vaccum.Now this gave my penis a great sensation and out of pleasure I said, “Bitch suck me dry Aaaahhh”. We then slept for a long time in eachothers arms. Later Nekta dressed up and then she went home in the morning.This was the first time sex in our affair. After that everyday we had sex, till her hubby returned after a week.Nekta and me have sex two or three days in a week. In the meanwhile we have had many fantasy positions and foreplay during sex and I also use sex toys on her and especially she demands me to insert my finger in her anus while I am fucking her on Woman-on-Top position. Friends you all can understand that I have had sex with Nekta uncountable times in past two months. Along with this I have given a promotion to Nekta’s husband, so he is happy with his position and doesnot know about Nekta’s affair with me. I’ll write in my next story about my different sexual pleasures that I had with Nekta. Iam sure you all enjoyed to learn about my sex life at old age. (Indiansex4u, 2009)

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